Welcome to Pax Neuroscience

Pax Neuroscience Inc. (“Pax”) is a life sciences company focused on the global development and commercialization of protein biomarker-based clinical laboratory services and products that address unmet needs in the fields of Neuroscience and Psychiatry.

Pax is focused on the development of biomarker assays to inform patient and clinician decisions and to offer services to Pharma companies to improve research and development of new and better antidepressants and other agents that may offer antidepressant activity.

U.S. and international patents protect Pax’s technology for antidepressant drug development and blood tests for depression diagnosis and treatment efficacy. Pax is the exclusive licensee of these patents, owned by the University of Illinois.

Drug Development Services

We offer drug developers the opportunity to analyze their antidepressant compounds in early stage discovery and in antidepressant clinical trials with our biomarker assay.